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The athletic journey starts at an early age with players many players hoping to go on after secondary school to play at the collegiate level which may lead to even higher levels further on.

This process can be a very grueling and lengthy process for parents and athletes pushing to get to the next level. Spending time filling out forms and sending emails which coaches may or many not read create uncertainty for aspiring athletes looking to take their game to the next level.

BTG Recruiting creates an easy way for players to make contact with coaches locally, nationally, and internationally. This platform also provides opportunity for coaches to save valuable time sifting through emails and concentrate on their needs for their team.

Welcome to BTG Recruiting where our mission is to provide and create connections between aspiring athlete and post secondary coaches.

*BTG Recruitment Does Not Guarantee Recruitment, But Creates Opportunity For Athletes And Coaches To Connect For High Probability Of Placement*


There are many opportunities for athletes to play post secondary in
Canada and Internationally.


College (CCAA) | University (U-Sport)


College (NAIA, JC) | University (NCAA, NAIA)

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